Light Attendants

Ladrhyn Bexx

Ladrhyn BexxLadrhyn has been working in the field of healing for over 10 years. His experience has come from a broad range of spiritual/holistic therapies. Including Reiki, hands on healing, distant healing, psychic surgery and channelled healing. His work has had much feedback from individuals who have experienced much rejuvenation and clarity of mind. He is also an animal healer and has an affinity with wild and domestic animals.

Ladrhyn's interest is also in the field of health, vitality & longevity, herbs and fitness. Which he feels is very important for purity of consciousness.

His natural intuitive nature allows him to tune into and work on peoples aliments for a deeper discovery within themselves, either this be, emotional, physical or spiritual.


Scott Stevenson

Light Attendant & Clinical Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Healer

Scott Stevenson - Light Attendant and HypnotherapistScott has been a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist with the National Society of Professional Hypnotherapists for over 20 years, he brings all this experience of helping people change their lives and achieve goals to enable you to have the best hypnogogic Lucia3 session possible.

He has helped people with the usual life changing needs e.g. smoking cessation, weight loss, fears and phobias; with horse riders and confidence/jumping issues; and many different confidence issues. He has supported people through grief resolution and also self-healing and pain management.

He also has considerable experience of writing and delivering guided meditations for people, for groups and online. He has enabled people to explore their more spiritual side and work with Guides, Angels and Fey.

As a qualified healer with the Healer Practitioner Association, Scott has trained and advised many people, helping them develop their own gifts.